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Customer Testimonials
"Robert came highly recommended by a friend. His work is superb, and his crew is attentive-- they understood what we wanted, and executed it perfectly. I originally hired him years ago to paint my bathroom, and since then he's painted every room in my three-story house. He's the only painter I'll use."
- D.L. Pacific Heights

"Robert and his staff were reliable and communicative, making the project run smoothly. We appreciated their attention to detail and work ethic. We recommend Jasso Painting to anyone looking for a good painter."
- A.D, Eureka Valley

"Robert gives accurate, fair estimates, and makes sure everyone is on the same page before he starts a project. He's very personable, outgoing, dependable, and forthcoming-- a very nice guy. He's one of those rare, classy tradesmen who does what he says he'll do, and shows up when he says he will. I give him an A-plus."
- L.S., Noe Valley

"We hired Robert to paint the exterior of our building, and not only did he repair some areas of dry rot, but he did everything humanly possible to eliminate a persistent leak problem. Even after he was paid and the job was done, he continued to check in on the problem spots and returned again and again to caulk them. He really went above and beyond."
-M.A., Haight-Ashbury

"Robert painted the exterior and interior of my 3-unit condo, and he did a phenomenal job. He was always prompt, finished the job as he said he would, and was clean and meticulous. His pricing was very fair. I'd use him again, absolutely."
- B.I., Marina district

"Over the past two years, Robert has painted the inside and outside of my house, and repaired drainpipes and dry rot on the roof-- he definitely doesn't shy away from hard work or difficult projects. I've had no complaints about him, ever. And he's got really nice guys working for him, people you can really trust in your house when you're not there."
- S.R., Presidio Heights

"Robert is extremely knowledgeable about the prep work needed and the right paints to use-- and he's willing to work with you to maintain the paint job-- so his work lasts and your building continues to look great. I've known Robert for over 12 years and I'm a big fan-- I've recommended him to more than 10 people so far."
-R.L, Castro district